Welcome to SSD!

All bows are custom made upon ordering. This means that you can change anything! If you want to change the color grosgrain used, or the knot, or add a monogram, just leave it in the notes of your order or shoot me a message!
All ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying and all bows are hand sewn to ensure they do not lose their shape. No wire or string used at SSD!!!
I pride myself on quality, and use ONLY the HIGHEST quality products. I have been known to get ribbon in, and throw it away because it wasn't good enough quality! (To make the BEST, I have to have the BEST supplies!). I line all of my bows with the highest quality grosgrain so they keep their shape for YEARS, literally!!!!!
Welcome to the SSD family!! I'm so happy to have you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me!